Washington County Historical Society
The Washington County Historical Society is an educational organization dedicated to engaging diverse audiences in the study and appreciation of the collective heritage of Washington County, New York, and its environs. Its primary purpose is to promote public interest and participation in the preservation of the rich cultural heritage of Washington County, NY. The Heritage Research Library, a repository for regional books, written documents, genealogical information, and memorabilia, and the publication of eighteen books, including those published by the historical society, highlight preservation efforts.

Lectures, workshops, tours and social events are scheduled throughout the year. Society headquarters are situated in the Wing-Northup House, built by entrepreneur Daniel Wood Wing c. 1815. This architecturally significant Federal style house is located in Fort Edward, New York. See map.

Historical Society Exhibition

Featured Event:

The Washington County Historical Society (WCHS) is offering a guided bus tour of American Revolutionary War sites located in Washington County, New York, to be conducted on October 2, 2016. The tour itinerary includes various sites associated with the conflict, among them the birthplace of the American Navy, the Battle of Fort Anne, the route of Burgoyne's 1777 campaign, parts of the British 1780 campaign, and Baum's expedition to Bennington. Other sites and history will also be explored during the course of the tour. In addition to shedding light on the county's association with important Revolutionary events, the tour is also meant to promote Washington County businesses, and as such the itinerary includes two micro-breweries, thus the program's title, attles and Brews.

The tour will be conducted by two long-time local historians, Pat Niles and John Mead. Pat Niles spent 30 years as a history educator, is a board member and current WCHS president, and a former long-time interpreter at the Saratoga National Historical Park. John Mead is an educator, the town historian for Hampton and the newly appointed town historian for Kingsbury, a long-time British military reenactor, and a 30 year WCHS board member and former president. Collectively Niles and Mead have over 60 years of experience in studying and interpreting the American Revolution.