The Heritage Research Library collects and preserves written and archival materials pertaining to Washington County and its environs. The goal is to make this collection available for the use of the public. To view a complete list of our library publications, click on this link: Library Contents

The holdings of the library contain historical books; maps, old and new; photographs and pictures; brochures; letters, diaries, and private papers; deeds; manuscripts; periodicals; genealogies; and books by local authors. New books and materials are being added on a regular basis.

Our library facility in Fort Edward, NY is free and available to all. Any inquires written, e-mailed, or telephoned will be researched  by our staff, using our material. There is no charge for one hour of research. We  would like to recover the cost of copying (25 cents per sheet) and the required postage. Donations to the Library or Membership to the Historical society are welcomed.

Visit our research facilities
Wednesday & Friday
10 am - 4pm

Send inquiries to
Historical Research Library
Washington County Historical Society
167 Broadway
Fort Edward, NY 12828
email us:

(Please include your name, email, and mailing address with your inquiry)


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